About Metalwerks

Metalwerks' founders enjoyed over 75 years of vacuum melted specialty alloy experience at the time the company was formed in 1998. Their experience covers specialty cobalt, nickel, and titanium alloys as well as stainless steels and refractory alloys. Their deep understanding of all facets of the specialty metals business, from development to melting to hot working as well as customer service, sales and rapid product availability has been the basic infrastructure for the company's strong growth. This understanding is seen in the design of our melt shop, our forge shop, and in the customer focused training and attitudes of all our staff and employees.

Our technical focus, our customer focus, and our quality focus readily compliment the demands of the medical device manufacturing marketplace for clean, precise, and repeatable high quality metals and alloys, on time and in specification.

At Metalwerks, our entire staff is dedicated to meeting your requirements. Whether we are providing off the shelf shipments directly from inventory, or developing new alloys and processes for our customers, we consider every customer and order to be unique. This custom-tailored approach allows us to be your single material source from alloy selection to product development through large-scale production.