• "400 grams to
    4,000 pounds"


    In-House Melting and Processing

    We routinely melt standard, modified, or developmental alloys in quantities ranging from a few grams to full production-sized ingots. We further process these ingots into billet, bar, rod, wire, plate and sheet. Custom thermal processes or cold working to specific tolerances, surface finishes, piece cutting, and related services are also available. All our work is done to the strictest quality standards and our shop is always open for customer visits and inspections.

    Standard or Custom Chemistries

    Industry alloy specifications are often written by ingot and mill product producers who desire the broadest possible range of chemistries for ease of manufacturing. At Metalwerks, we exploit the full potential of an alloy by developing products from within broad specification ranges, adjusted to customer specific design requirements, giving the customer a unique competitive edge.


    Unlike most specialty metal suppliers, we welcome your inquiries for small, developmental orders. We like to be in on the ground floor so that we can help you grow your business in the most cost effective manner. To that end we produce and inventory an extensive offering of medical alloys as mill products that are available for rapid development, customization, or simply for rapid delivery.